Mays is a content management system (CMS) that allows the management of website contents through an internet browser.

The main advantages of using this platform are:

Real time management of contents (add, edit and delete) without the need of any programming knowledge;

Full autonomy from your company over the contents of your website, reducing maintenance costs;

Validation and formatting of the contents and the way they are displayed.

Adaptable to sites with a small and simple structure, or multi-language sites with large and complex structures and dynamic menus and variables.
Cost Controlled
Developed with open-source/freeware technologies, the CMS has no additional licensing costs or annual fees.
Modern Design
Modern and fluid design that fits your entire screen allowing better use of the desktop.
The CMS offers search filters when listing your contents to make it easier to find what you want.
Users and Profiles
Definition of user profiles that allow the configuration of specific actions and modules to each kind of user.
Search Engines
Automatic creation of optimized urls for search engines (SEO). Definition of the site title, metatags and keywords in the CMS.
Text Editor
Advanced text editor to write internal and external links and text formatting like bold, underline, italic and other styles with pre-defined colors, fonts and sizes. This way your site will always have the correct look.
Data validation
Mandatory fields, maximum number of characters and specific formats like emails and phones, all available to help your contents always being valid.
Online help
The simple interface avoids extensive and complex manuals. To allow an easy access to the important information, the CMS offers an integrated module in each screen.