Do you know how to code?
We might have something for you.

After You is a company that can offer you an unique perspective on the way you work, since we focus on continuous learning and lifestyle. To give you an idea, most companies are now starting to figure out how to work remotely, we have worked remotely since our inception in 2006.

What do we do?

We are a small team of developers that work closely with very cool designers that do things like these project, as well as agencies and clients. We like to do different things and create some new cool projects, but most of the time we do websites, web apps and mobile apps.

What are we looking for?

Mainly if you can create web interfaces you can apply, the main skills we need are html, scss and javascript. If you know VueJS and some server side like PHP it is a plus. Is also very important that you are a fast learner, open to follow some industry standards and be able to work remotely most of the time. This requires discipline, but since our team is small this means you will always have people to talk about and help you on the way. Once you master that you will probably love and understand why we do this for the last 16 years and why we talked about lifestyle.

We are looking for experienced developers (2 years minimum) but if you are at university and you have at least built 2 or 3 websites or apps, send us your CV and links of your portfolio. If you don't have one, our advice is to start today creating your own website.

What do we offer?

  • if you have little experience we can help you along the way, because we are developers like you. If you have more experience we believe that we can learn from each other and improve our processes.
  • flexible schedule with most of the work being remote. If you are based in Algarve it's a plus since that's where our team is located (yeah it's sunny almost all year long here, which is great, and we have some great beaches... lifestyle, remember?)
  • compatible salary (yes you probably read this a lot, but here is probably different, we want you to like what you do, but we also want you to feel compensated based on your effort and skills, so we will assess every year your performance and adjust salary to match your performance).

  • Send us your application to and let's talk!